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11/23/2015 This paragraph can be compared to a corn field whose stalks have been removed. The farmer has already tilled the soil. Now plant the seeds (Buddy posts messages) and pull weeds (Hank will do routine site maintenance).
11/18/2015 Someone has been using “don peek” (the site owner) to try to break in to the site. I have contacted Don; he says that this happens, but built in filters stopped the attack. We should get used to some attacks like this.
11/12/2015 All of these dated entries will be edited out later. Now they serve as bread crumbs so we don’t get lost in the blogger’s forest.
11/11/2015 Internal launch of citfed.com

Visitors will land here by typing  CitFed.com  into the URL.

After wandering around the site, those who click on the “Home Page” tab will come here also.

Individual postings on Twitter or Facebook will carry a link that takes the person to a specific article.

This home page will eventually have a concise summary of the Citizens Federation, with a plea to offer support.